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How much effort do you want to put into your garden?

Landscape Gardening in Balham

How much effort do you want to put into your garden?


We’re all different and want to enjoy our outdoor spaces in unique ways. Some people want to get heavily involved and find the work rewarding. Others want a sanctuary away from effort where they can relax.

At Town & Country Gardens, we have plenty of experience with the different levels of participation that our clients desire. Our landscape gardening projects can be tailored to meet your needs both in the short- and long-term. We also offer garden maintenance plans, if required, to ensure that your investment continues to serve you in the right way for years to come.


Town & Country Gardens can create a low maintenance garden for you with landscape gardening in Balham. That doesn’t mean it will be sparse or uninspiring. On the contrary, you can have a beautiful patio for entertaining with well-placed pots full of fascinating or aromatic plants. These can be watered using an irrigation system that requires almost no input from you. This is just one example of an idea that gives you all you need without making demands on your time. Others might include mulch beds to cut down on weeding, plant choices that require little or no care, or perhaps you would like to consider artificial grass for the ultimate in no-maintenance.

Picking and enjoying

One step up from low maintenance projects is landscape gardening in Balham that means you get an instant payoff for any time you invest. One way of achieving this would be to cultivate fruit-producing trees and bushes, a vegetable garden or herbs. We can create a garden that nourishes you in return for your input.

Something you will want to care for

Maybe you are the type that wants to get out in the garden, be in touch with the growing seasons, and get your hands dirty. At Town & Country Gardens, we can get you started on the right track with landscape gardening in Balham. We can lay out an ambitious, long-term plan with you, and support you throughout the settling-in phase, then as often as you would like after that.

Town & Country Gardens can create a space that motivates you. Giving it the care it deserves will pay off by preserving the beauty of your investment for years to come.

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