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City Gardens

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City Gardens

City Gardens are challenging in more ways than one but don’t stress, Town and Country Gardens have specialised in designing and building city gardens for over 23 years.
Often referred to as postage stamp size gardens, city gardens need to be thoughtfully designed and meticulously built in order to maximise on the space available.
Designing and building a very small garden requires proper planning to ensure it is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Therefore, it is imperative that you establish the exact shape and dimensions of the garden in relation to the house and any other structures before you start deciding what you want in terms of an outdoor living space. Ideally, the garden should be a natural extension of your home and reflect your ideas and personality. The complexity of your garden should be determined by your budget. Additions such as furniture, patio, decking, lawn, plants etc can be added later or all at the same time. That is why it is advisable to talk to a professional to establish accurate costs and ideas that will suit your lifestyle and individual needs.

Our in-house Landscape Designer can provide you with a proper plan and all the answers in terms of where to position your much desired entertainment area or playground for the kids as well as vital information regarding planting schemes. You may wish to have a pond or shed installed and these garden features can be incorporated into your design. Selecting a garden theme is critical and this should ideally be one that is sympathetic to your surroundings and compliment or enhance your property. This could be a formal structured garden which is geometric or symmetrical in design or an informal layout with sinuous pathways and borders often applied to country gardens. City gardens are generally more compact and therefore the former style is more appropriate.

Town and Country Gardens are professionally equipped with the practical skills and knowledge to help you make the right decisions resulting in peace of mind and personal fulfillment. Preliminary consultations are free of charge with a view to getting a quotation which can vary in cost and depend on the size,type and complexity of the garden.

Contact Phil Skerritt on 07860 803692 or phil@tandcg.co.uk to schedule your appointment or visit our gallery to view the scope of work we provide.What we do