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Garden entertaining – how can landscape gardening make it easier?

Garden Entertaining

Garden entertaining – how can landscape gardening make it easier?


Landscape gardening in Balham can encompass any plan that repurposes your garden towards a specific idea through careful planning and design. You can centre your garden on one theme or intention such as entertaining. Many people like to use their garden as a social area for guests whether that’s frequent barbeques with the ultimate setup or more formal occasions.

Town and Country Gardens can help you maximise the entertainment potential of your outdoor space through landscape gardening in Balham.


If you plan to do a lot of entertaining, it may be worth considering creating a patio where you can have a dining area, comfortable seating and heating. You can also add an awning to protect the space during inclement weather. The whole space can be used to set the scene for your guests. You can employ trellis to frame the area and support beautiful, trailing flowers with gorgeous scents. You can create a Mediterranean theme, for example, with the right furniture, plants and lighting. The possibilities are numerous when you have landscape gardening in Balham with Town and Country Gardens.

Inbuilt cooking

For the discerning outdoor chef, there are lots of options for cooking that can be built into your garden above and beyond the classic brick barbeque. You could easily have a sculpted pizza oven, a chimera or large fire bowl. An open fire and chimney can make a stunning centre piece to gather around on your patio and you can cook on it using grills, pots or marshmallows on sticks.

Divided areas

Having sections of your garden carefully delineated can create a sense of intimacy and variation. This means that you can have a different feel depending on where you choose to entertain. Will you have a cosy, end-of-the-garden space past some carefully placed trellis or a patio by the pond so your guests can listen to the sound of a flowing water feature? Town and Country Gardens is happy to listen carefully to your ideas and suggest ways to make your vision for your outdoor space a reality. We can then present you with a no-obligation quote so you know what to expect before you make up your mind.

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