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The Difference Between Gardening and Landscaping

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The Difference Between Gardening and Landscaping

Both gardening and landscaping refer to outdoor home improvement techniques that are based around plants, rocks, trees, and enhancing the natural beauty of the garden or outdoor area. Both can be done in any type of garden, although some gardens might be more suitable for one rather than the other, or a combination of both techniques. Gardening is practised by anybody who has an interest in plants and can be done either outdoors or indoors. Landscaping is typically done by landscapers, who design gardens in larger outdoor areas. 

Definition of Gardening

Gardening refers to the practice of growing plants. It can be as simple as growing and tending to a plant or growing and maintaining entire flower beds and gardens with a variety of plants growing in them. It involves the growth and maintenance of plants, either in the ground or in pots or containers. 

Definition of Landscaping

Landscaping refers to more professional garden design. It also includes the construction of outdoor sculptures, pods, and topiaries. In some cases, it may also refer to other elements of the outdoor space such as adding a patio or decking to a garden. Landscape design is all about organising and enriching an outdoor space with structures and plants for either practical or aesthetic purposes, or a bit of both. It could include private gardens outside homes, large public gardens, or recreational areas. Unlike gardening, which includes practical activities such as pest control, landscaping is usually more focused on the look of the outdoor space. 

How Both Can be Practiced

Gardening can be practised by anybody interested in growing and maintaining plants. You don’t usually need any training to start gardening and it can be a very pleasant hobby. Some people turn their love of gardening into a business by offering gardening services to homeowners while others may find work as a gardener and do it as a full-time job. On the other hand, landscaping is a more specialist practice that is typically undertaken by paid architects, designers, and landscapers. They focus on not only the plants, trees, and shrubs present in the space but also the addition of garden flooring, sculptures, water features, and other additions. They work with the colour, texture, and flow of the outdoor space to come up with a design that is well-fitted to a specific purpose. 

The Differences – When it’s Suitable for Gardening or Landscaping 

If you want to do something new with your garden then the first question you might ask is whether you should do it yourself, hire a gardener, or hire a landscaping service. If your garden is looking a bit dull and bare but is in otherwise good condition and you don’t want to add any new structures, then gardening might be the best choice for you. Simply adding some new plants and flowers to the space can make a huge difference, and this is something that you can easily do yourself. On the other hand, if you have an outdoor space that is pretty much a blank canvas or you want to make some significant changes to the overall design of your garden, a landscaper might be a better option. A landscaper can work with you to come up with a new design that fits your needs and your budget, before implementing this in your garden to bring your ideas to life and transform the space. 

While gardening and landscaping are similar, the two are not the same. Gardening is quite simple and involves growing and maintaining plants whereas landscaping is more concerned with creating new designs, including more than just the plants.

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