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Garden maintenance in Chiswick – what can we do in winter?

Garden Maintenance in Chiswick

Garden maintenance in Chiswick – what can we do in winter?


Winter is just around the corner and it may seem like there will be nothing to do in the garden. However, compared to other times of year, where there seems to be a never-ending new set of tasks, the winter offers a time of dormancy where you can get to the kind of jobs that usually get forgotten. Town and Country Gardens can help you with your garden maintenance in Chiswick, even during the winter months. Below are just a few of the jobs we can help with.

Tool maintenance and cleaning

A good way to prevent the spread of disease is to ensure that your equipment is clean and ready for next season. Now that all your pots and tools are no longer getting so much use, it’s a good time to give them a thorough cleansing. It’s also time to sharpen tools that need it and make sure they are properly stowed so they don’t suffer damage over the winter months. We can get everything out and sort this for you when we are doing your garden maintenance in Chiswick.

Care for over-wintering vegetables and plants

You may still have some plants that need care and a watchful eye over the winter. Over-wintering vegetables are a good way to get an early crop in the spring time. Many of them are hardy enough to make it through on their own but, if there is a sharp frost coming, you may want to cover them over with fleece for a bit of extra warmth. You can also have crops coming on in the greenhouse or polytunnel. If you want to plan for a winter vegetable garden then let Town and Country Gardens know when we are taking care of your garden maintenance in Chiswick.

Planning for next year

Of course, some of the winter garden work needs to be done indoors in the warm. This might include leafing through seed catalogues and ordering so you can be ready for spring or planning your next big garden project to get you excited about the new year. We are happy to help with anything you have in mind when you choose Town and Country Gardens for your garden maintenance in Chiswick.

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