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The basics of organic gardening

organic gardening

The basics of organic gardening


Deciding to follow an organic strategy in your garden does not have to be hard work. Many organic techniques can actually means less work in the long run. However, it does require commitment to certain principals and some patience. Town and Country Gardens can help you make a start on developing your organic garden or we can implement a comprehensive garden maintenance plan for you.

Organic gardening – Pest control

Pests are the bane of every gardener. A tribe of slugs can demolish weeks of hard work and often require an aggressive strategy to keep them under control if you want to have an organic garden. At Town and Country Gardens, we can advise you on the various methods of organic pest control when you choose organic gardening maintenance with us.


Depending on the amount of coverage, there are a number of natural solutions for dealing with weeds. When you choose garden maintenance from Town and Country Gardens, we stay on top of your weeds for you. This can either be through old-fashioned uprooting or we can implement a strategy such as mulching for longer-term, pesticide-free control.

Encouraging growth

If you want thriving plants in your garden, it can be tempting to use fertilisers. There are a number of options when it comes to natural fertilisers. Most of them involve thinking about what elements make up the organic waste from your home such as, for example, banana peel. Bananas contain potassium, calcium, and nitrogen all of which are vital components for healthy plant growth. This means they can be added to your soil to give your nutrients a boost.

Acidic plants love coffee grounds. Many of the top coffee chains are happy to give away discarded coffee grounds for free.

Perhaps one of the most common organic gardening fertilisers is horse manure. It needs to be well rotted before it is added to the soil though so look out for bags being sold at the side of the road which have already been left to mature. You could also ask at a local stables.

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Once you have decided on your choice of natural fertiliser, digging it into the soil in the appropriate places can be part of your garden maintenance from Town and Country Gardens.