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Urban oasis
One of the most fun and atmospheric outdoor spaces we have created

This is one of the most fun and atmospheric outdoor spaces that we have created. The area is deceptively small, but with the use of mirrors, garden windows, vistas and living walls we have developed a kind of labyrinthine matrix of different layers and elements. Towering giant yellow-stem bamboos, with lush verdant living walls, framing rounded look-see windows, with sedum roofs spilling over the structures, and everywhere an organic interaction between the fleshy green carpeting Mind Your Own Business, as it blends in and through the chipped limestone shingle, leading onto solid Yorkstone and millboard enhanced grain decking.

In 2020, this garden won two highly prestigious awards: the Garden Jewel Award and the Judges’ Award, from the SGD (Society of Garden Designers), awarded to the garden designer, Adolfo Harrison.

Photo credits – Mischa Haller

Credited designer – Adolfo Harrison