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Regent’s Park

Urban Roof-top retreat
This roof terrace boasts spectacular views over Regent’s Park and the City of London.

We created this multi-dimensional outside space with various areas for sitting and having dinner, or entertaining friend’s over drinks, with various seating areas being perfectly positioned to catch either the most of the evening sun for late night suppers, or being placed beneath a leafy arbor to escape the most intense of the mid-day sun.

Generous amounts of perennials and ornamental grasses make this planting display a constantly changing environment, with many elements of the planting interacting with the slightest wind, creating lots of movement and interest.

Generous swathes of Western red cedar house create seamless fusions between decking, screening, fencing, seating and even the planters – all combining to bring a unity and simplicity to the materials used.

Credited designer – Adolfo Harrison