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Courtyard oasis
Transforming this space into something light and open

This front garden was one overgrown with very heavy and large shading trees, and the brief was to transform this space into something very light and open, while still maintaining privacy. We managed to source some incredibly specimen Camellia multi-stems that came in at a whopping 4meters tall!

These beauties have had years of patient work to gently clear the stems and raise the canopies up, to create a kind of umbrella or parasol tree, which allows for planting beneath the foliage, with plenty of light reaching down to the ground, and also drawing a focus to the very special beauty of the contorted and exposed stems. Another interesting feature of this type of Camellia tree is that they in fact flower in Autumn, as you can see from this picture taken in the middle of November!

Woodland glad style planting runs loosely beneath the canopies, with special repeat-flowering Anemones, Brunnera and Geraniums rubbing shoulders with stoic lumps of clipped Yew balls.