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The SGD Awards: A Garden Jewel in Dulwich

The SGD Awards two-time award-winning project in East Dulwich

The SGD Awards: A Garden Jewel in Dulwich

It’s hard to imagine a flourishing garden of giant yellow-stem bamboos and lush verdant living walls in a petit outdoor space in the heart of London. But, working alongside acclaimed designer Adolfo Harrison, that’s precisely what we crafted in our two-time award-winning project that could be one of the most atmospheric and unique spaces we’ve ever created.

the sdg awards 2020

The SGD Awards 2020

Every year, the SGD Awards judging panel chooses the very best in garden design from across the country, including large and small residential gardens, and commercial and community projects too. And this year, we were honoured to be selected as a finalist for our creative flair on our latest project in East Dulwich.

Bamboo and mirrors

With the guidance of one of London’s leading garden designers, Adolfo Harrison, we transformed a small, triangular garden in East Dulwich into an urban oasis. Through the inspired use of bamboo, mirrors, garden windows, vistas, and living walls, we developed a labyrinthine of different layers and elements, disguising the size of the area and making it feel more spacious, with room to breathe.

Towering golden Chinese timber bamboos stretch upwards throughout the garden of Mind-your-own-business carpeting, with lush verdant walls framing the home’s giant porthole windows and sedum roofs spilling over the structure. This garden is all about organic interaction. Blending nature with city living and bringing a little bit of calm from the hustle and bustle beyond its walls.

A winning streak

After his selection into the finals, Adolfo won not one, but two awards for this magnificent piece of garden art, taking home the coveted Garden Jewel award, and The Judges’ Award to boot. Our garden was described as inventive, playful, and different, and demonstrates creative use of materials and accomplished planting. A clever solution to an awkward plot — and we couldn’t agree more.

And this isn’t the first time Adolfo has won an award while working with us. In 2019, he won the same two awards for his design on a Mediterranean-inspired courtyard in Shepherd’s Bush. You can find out more about some of Adolfo’s other projects on his website, www.adolfoharrison.com.

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