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Garden Maintenance in Malwood Road, Balham

garden maintenance in balham

Garden Maintenance in Malwood Road, Balham

We were given a lot of freedom in this garden maintenance in Balham to just go slightly all-out with the planting, and create a real ‘instant look’ and ‘wow factor’ kind of garden. We created this space shortly after the Chelsea Flower Show, and our client was inspired by a number of gardens they saw that year – so the pressure was on to try an emulate the Chelsea-look, but at the same time ensure that the planting was viable and feasible to last through the tests of time.

The centre of the garden was created using a gravel stabilisation system, that holds the gravel in place within its honeycombed cells, which gives a solid footing that doesn’t move or disperse when walked over – and helps keep the garden nice and tidy!

The back area was turned into a woodland grow with multistem silver birch and flowering dogwoods, underplanted with evergreen ferns, wild violets, anemones and foxgloves. The front sections of the garden were framed with gnarly old olive specimens, surrounded by purple and bloue flowering Mediterranean style plants, with a splash of creamy yellow yarrow just running through the mix to help brighten up the tone.

This garden maintenance in Balham took exactly a week from start to finish, despite torrential rain, and just goes to show you what we can achieve in a very small amount of time!

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