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Battersea Power Station Plant Installation

Battersea Power Station Plant Installation

Battersea Power Station Plant Installation

We were asked by our friends and colleagues at Natalia Miyar Interior Design to put together a large scale plant installation to cover the entire 14th and 15th floor of one of the new apartment blocks currently being constructed around Battersea Power Station. These top two floors were destined to be put on the market as the show home, to help promote the new luxury apartments that were coming onto the market.

The lead time for completion was very tight, and the apartment was very close to completion, with rugs and interior decorations and furniture everywhere…. Oh, and everything had to travel up to the 14th floor via two tiny service elevators…

We rustled up our finest A-team of some 15 landscapers and gardeners to work over an entire weekend just to get all of this work carried out. Very special hand-made clay pots from Atelier Vierkant were supplied from Belgium, about 45 in number, and a similar number of very special specimen plants – a mixture of ancient gnarly Olive, bonsai style Japanese mountain pines, terrific Agaves and Yuccas and succulents, hardy desert palms like Washingtonia and Chaemarops and Butia, and the list goes on….!

Major logistics were involved in terms of protecting absolutely everything in the show-home, and the entire route leading up to it. We worked for two very long and hard days, but by Sunday evening the project was complete, and looked absolutely stunning by the end!

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