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Palace Gardens Terrace – Planter Installation in Kensington

Hydrangea seemanii

Palace Gardens Terrace – Planter Installation in Kensington

We’ve just completed a very smart and neat planter installation in Kensington.

The project involved custom-made clay planters from Atelier Vierkant, who are true artists and masters at what they do. Each pot comes signed by the craftsman who made it, and you can see why they take so much pride in their work!

Note to self on future projects, when ordering custom-made planters like this, don’t just assume they will weigh the same as most similar size in the catalogue…. They do not….. for some reason these came in weight almost 3 times what we had calculated – hence the heavy duty lifting crew to get these up to the first floor! Still, adapt and overcome, that’s how things tend to operate in high scale London landscape design!

As part of our planter installation in Kensington, we planted Hydrangea seemanii in these planters, which is a very special and quite rare climber – quite unique for the fact that it is completely evergreen, self-clinging, shade tolerant, and gets covered in creamy lacecap flowers over the Summer. The idea is to have a permanently verdant living wall on this small roof terrace. Give it a few years, and we’ll let you know how it’s getting on!

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