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Pro watering tips from Town & Country Gardens

Garden Maintenance watering tips

Pro watering tips from Town & Country Gardens

Town & Country Gardens can provide many of the services that are needed to maintain a beautiful and healthy garden. However, watering is a task that needs doing more often than most people are willing to pay a professional to do it.

This doesn’t mean that Town & Country Gardens cannot help in this area. Apart from offering tips, we can also organise a garden with some handy shortcuts if you don’t like watering or perhaps suggest an irrigation system. We are here to make garden maintenance in Chiswick easy whatever your needs.

What’s important when it comes to watering?

There are several notable tips when it comes to watering for garden maintenance in Chiswick. Following these simple rules can make a huge difference to the growth of flowers and vegetables:

  • Consistent but less frequent that you think – a couple of times per week is enough for most plants. Skipping watering sessions can have a huge impact on growth;
  • Even water distribution for even plant growth. If a plant is watered on one side on a regular basis, it will cause uneven development and imbalance. Making sure that the pattern of watering is thorough or varied will alleviate this problem;
  • Good soil composition for efficiency. Too much clay and water runs straight off the surface. Too much sand and it could drain straight through. The right consistency means good water retention.

What about irrigation systems?

For super-easy garden maintenance in Chiswick, an irrigation system might be the way forward, especially if you are away for substantial amounts of time during crucial months of the year.

Irrigation systems not only ensure even watering but they can also be linked to a timer that activates at a set hour each day or every few days. The system can be buried in the soil so that the water reaches plant roots rather than resting on the surface and evaporating quickly.

Some irrigation systems come with a sensor that responds to reduced moisture. Not only does this help to meet the needs of the garden in different types of weather but it can also save water by activating only when necessary.

Town & Country Gardens can undertake this and other projects to refine the watering processes of any garden.

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