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Autumn is here again

allsop place garden - autumn has arrived

Autumn is here again

After a trip to Kew Gardens today I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Autumn has finally decided to arrive (although it was 15 degrees at midnight last night so perhaps not?).

If you believe the long-range weather forecasts, there is also some talk of snow this winter (el-Nino seems to be larger than normal if you know your weather jargon), so why not get us in to mulch the beds with a nice thick of layer of organic matter to protect against the snow and frost.

It’s also time to get those bird feeders out, I find fat balls are the most popular in my garden although the RSPB sell some great seed mixtures.

We’re already frantically rushing around getting the leaf fall collected up to protect lawns from damage-get your rake out this weekend unless you have astroturf! Irrigation systems also need turning down and or switching off. If you need help, give Andrew a call and he can book in a date for our hard-working and cheerful gardening teams to come and work wonders!


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