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Taking inspiration from different landscapes

Landscape Gardening in Balham

Taking inspiration from different landscapes

At Town and Country Gardens we look forward to taking our lead from you when you use us for landscape gardening in Balham. However, we also find a lot of inspiration in the world around us. Reflecting a piece of inspiring landscape into a garden can be very beautiful.

Landscape gardening goes beyond aesthetics. There are lots of practical solutions in nature to tackle swampy ground, dry or windy places and uneven landscapes. We can turn these into an advantage using landscape gardening techniques. A member of the Town and Country Gardens team will talk to you about what you want to achieve and how we can incorporate some of these ideas when we meet you to discuss your landscape gardening in Balham.


Forests are beautiful landscapes but they are very sophisticated ecosystems as well. There are clear layers within a forest and different plants thrive at different level. This natural occurrence can be used to your advantage in the garden as some plants can be used to shelter or support others in the different layers.

People also use forest gardening to create an abundant food supply. Trees can offer nuts, berries and fruits. It can take some forward planning to create a mature forest garden, but with landscape gardening in Balham from Town and Country Gardens, we can help you get there.


The meeting of land and water takes many different forms. We see lakes, streams, rivers, oceans and waterfalls. All of these can be echoed in a garden with clever water features. Water has the capability to add an extra dimension to your experience of your outdoor space. It can be relaxing just to listen to the flow or watch aquatic life float around.

Rocks and sand

If you have a dry garden or simply like succulents, cacti, heathers or other plants that enjoy rocks and sandy soils, we can create features that will make you smile. These also tend to be fairly low-maintenance so they are also ideal if you have a busy lifestyle and little time to care for plants. The beauty of landscape gardening is that it can incorporate your lifestyle needs as well as address the shape of your outdoor space.

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