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Snow in the garden – what do you need to do?

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Snow in the garden – what do you need to do?

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to do in the garden when it snows is to get out there and have some fun. At Town and Country Gardens, we want you to have an outdoor space that you can enjoy in all seasons when we offer you garden maintenance in Chiswick.

However, if you are wondering whether there are some tasks that need to be done in the garden when it snows, here is our handy guide to the things you need to do. If your garden was unduly affected by any recent snowfall, give us a call and we can offer you garden maintenance in Chiswick to help you get things straight again.

Garden maintenance in Chiswick in the snow

There are some advantages to a flurry of flakes in the garden. Snow is a great insulator and so it can go some way to protecting precious plants from frost. That’s about it for good news though. It’s not the cold you need to worry about most when it comes to heavy snow, it’s the weight and coverage and what that can do to your garden. Here are some of the things you need to attend to during and after snow:

  • Go around and shake the snow off of your bushes and trees – the weight of snow can cause branches to bend and snap so this task will help to prevent that. If you can catch someone under a tree when you shake it, that’s just a funny bonus for you;
  • Watch out for your structures – sheds, cold-frames, greenhouses – all of these can be vulnerable to distortion or damage from the weight of snow. Take a garden broom and alleviate some of the burden from your outdoor constructions if you still want them to do their jobs come spring;

Careful where you pile snow – clearing the drive can be a chore or very satisfying depending on how you feel about your winter tasks. Just be mindful of where you pile your snow – there’s still a garden under all that whiteness! Piles of snow take much longer to thaw and can lead to a tough time for any plants or patches of lawn that are trapped underneath them.