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Dimensions for landscape gardening Richmond

Landscape Gardening in Richmond

Dimensions for landscape gardening Richmond

When you get landscape gardening in Richmond from Town and Country Gardens, we consider all the parameters of your space. There are lots of factors to take into account and it’s tempting to think one-dimensionally just to simplify things. We can help you take advantage of all of the aspects of your outdoor space when you work with us.

All of these principles can be applied to any size or shape garden. People often think landscape gardening only applies in larger spaces but we can offer you our services for anything from an urban patio to sprawling country gardens. Below are just a few different dimensions that are found in every garden.

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Space is probably the easiest dimension to start with as everyone can see how much surface area they have in their garden footprint. When Town and Country Gardens offer you landscape gardening, we talk to you about how you want to divide your space up. How much area do you want to devote to lawn, patio, flowerbeds, edibles and so on?

Some clients like to portion off parts of their garden with fencing to create a private area, dining space or a place for children to play. We can discuss all the options that are relevant to you when we offer you landscape gardening in Richmond.


If your space is limited, you can consider taking advantage of walls for growing or you can add something like hanging baskets. Even if you have lots of space, landscape gardening can create a beautiful effect with lots of different levels using the various heights of different plants. Town and Country Gardens offer you our expertise and skills to create a multi-level feast for the eyes when you have landscape gardening in Richmond with us.


Your garden will not look the same all year round as it responds to the changing seasons. Town and Country Gardens can create a garden that has something to offer at every stage of the year when we create your landscape gardening plan. This might mean winter colour, an autumn feast or an entertainment area that is surrounded by beautiful and fragrant plants in the spring.

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