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Take advantage of the skills of Town & Country Gardens

Garden Maintenance in Chiswick

Take advantage of the skills of Town & Country Gardens


Town & Country Gardens offer a wide range of services so you can get the garden you want with as much or as little effort as you want to put in. We are happy to take on all the hard work or work in partnership with you, creating a garden space that is easy to work in.

Whether you want to enjoy your garden by yourself, entertain or make a great space for the family, garden maintenance in Wimbledon from Town & Country Gardens can help.

Services – garden maintenance in Wimbledon

We are committed to taking on any project – big or small – and the ideas below are just the beginning. You can get in touch with a vision of what you want to do or you can invite us round for a look and we can make suggestions and give you a quote.

Lawn maintenance – The lawn is one of the central tasks in any gardener’s repertoire. Properly maintained, the lawn can be a serene and beautiful place to relax and play. Neglected, it can become a stressful task constantly calling for attention and hard work. Town & Country Gardens can help you stay in the former category.

Pruning and trimming – Keeping your shrubs, bushes and trees in check can take up a lot of time. There’s more to it than just hacking away. There is a right time to prune and, if you want to encourage growth in a certain direction or control the spread of your woody plants, it takes a skilled hand. When you book Town & Country Gardens for your garden maintenance in Wimbledon, we can make a long-term plan with you to achieve the shapes and conditions that you want.

Jet washing – Your outdoor space can be more than just greenery. If you have created an area for entertainment and enjoyment, such as decking or a patio, then this needs maintaining on top of everything else. Not only do these areas look great after a good jet wash, it can also prolong the life of certain types of decking and help to keep it safe by preventing the build-up of slippery mould.

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