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Should I invest in my garden?

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Should I invest in my garden?

Our weather is all over the place nowadays-dry winters, appalling summers, very cold Spring-do we all just give up and move to Australia or should we embrace a bit of a challenge?

I love the changing seasons, where else is the Spring so vibrant, the summer such a pleasure and the smell of wood smoke in Autumn so evocative? Gardening is all about the changing seasons and how we embrace the change to our benefit, even if the weather seems so fickle. A well managed or designed garden should bring pleasure all year round and will be an inviting place to be.

So should we make the decision to invest time, money and effort? Definitely. There is so much talent out there at the moment in the form of innovative and forward thinking or traditional and ecologically driven designers all of whom are keen to create a pleasurable living space to enjoy those precious minutes or hours of free time. There are so many ideas it’s impossible not to find something to inspire us.

Even if it’s a window box, small terrace or 3 acre garden-get out there and start getting at one with nature-its where we all belong.