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Spring has sprung!

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Spring has sprung!

Spring has finally arrived with typical style-above average temperatures for probably the first time since late 2012! The latest thinking on Global warming and its effects seems to be that these rapid changes and greater intensity of the weather will become more common.

This obviously presents us at Town & Country Gardens with a problem as we go from low maintenance levels to high maintenance levels almost overnight! So the best advice we can give is think ahead.

We are all guilty of waiting for the warm weather to arrive before we venture out into the garden and try and tackle what havoc the winter has wrought on the beds, lawns and patios-I’m just as bad and my wife constantly gives me grief (especially as I have no excuse whatsoever!). A little bit of planning though goes a long way to overcoming the chaos.

Don’t worry unduly about your lawn at this time of year, it will probably recover quite nicely with some sun and warmth, you can give it a spike to assist in some drainage and to oxygenate those roots if you feel particularly keen to have a go but time spent on the flower beds now will pay dividends later.

Give us a call to help you get the beds mulched with some good quality soil improver (we just love zoo poo!) and to get the old perennial growth tidied away before the new growth gets going. Andrew can pop around and help you plan new planting or to give the garden a good once over, get one of our eager gardening teams to help-they can take all of the hard work away and for a very reasonable price.

Lets all hope that this year we will have a decent summer!

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