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From micro-landscaping to long-term projects

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From micro-landscaping to long-term projects


At Town and Country Gardens, we take pride in creating beautiful spaces for our clients regardless of the size of their property. Whether we are revolutionising smaller spaces or reshaping large landscapes, we enjoy it all. Our team work together to get your landscape gardening project up and running as soon as possible when you engage our services.

We know that gardens are more than just an extension of your house. They can offer a boost to your lifestyle, a place to relax and socialise, and somewhere for you and your family to enjoy spending time together.

Small area, big impact

Just because you have a smaller garden, there is no reason why you cannot engage someone offering landscape gardening in Richmond, such as Town and Country Gardens. There are lots of techniques that can be applied to less expansive spaces to maximise their potential. For example, an excellent plan will take advantage of perspective and zoning to make areas feel bigger and like there are a variety of available experiences. Colour and different varieties of plants can be helpful as well.

Remember that there is a vertical dimension to your space as well. We can create visual features on walls, install stacking plants and use trellis and other structures to draw the eye to the height of your space. Town and Country Gardens can help you with planning, implementation and the supply of materials when we offer you landscape gardening in Richmond.

Long term vision

It can be really fulfilling to create a vision and long-term plan for your garden and then use landscape gardening in Richmond, like Town and Country Gardens, to help you realise it. Whatever your ambitions, we can give you the benefit of our experience and work with you to create something original and personalised. Long-term projects might include training plants and trees into certain areas and shapes, creating a year-round food supply or the steady development of a theme in the garden.

If you want to use trees as a windbreak or to create a feature, this takes careful planning as well. It isn’t like you can easily correct a mistake so it’s worth calling in an expert for consultation, like Town and Country Gardens.

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