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How to help insects in your garden

How to help insects in your garden to help pollination - low-maintenance garden

How to help insects in your garden

Helpful garden insects and how to encourage them

We all need a helping hand in the garden sometimes. When you have garden maintenance with Town and Country Gardens, we can take care of creating the outdoor space that you want. We balance functionality and form and ensure that you have the level of participation that you want from completely hands-off to just having a few things to do here and there.

There are other avenues you can explore if you want extra help in the garden. Nature is on hand and, with the right encouragement, it can be shaped to balance the ecosystem of your garden in a beneficial way. We use our experience and knowledge to achieve an attractive environment for natural helpers. Helpful garden insects and other bugs can help with pest control, pollination and the condition of your soil.


Bees are vital for a healthy and productive garden. They move from plant to plant and assist with pollination. To encourage bees, you need to plant pollen rich varieties, avoid using harsh chemicals, and provide sources of water. Providing all of these things has secondary benefits in that you will have a richer, more beautiful and lush space. With garden maintenance from Town and Country Gardens, you can have all of this, in the right balance, with minimum effort.


Good, healthy soil has plenty of worms in it. They help to break up the structure by processing organic matter and mulch and they increase the levels of air and water. If you want to encourage worms, try not to dig the soil or rake too often. This reduces the amount of work you need to do and also creates a great environment for earthworms who will do some of the work for you! You can also purchase worms to add to the soil.


Spiders prey on other insects. Try to resist the temptation to destroy webs that you see in the garden while you are tidying up out there. Spiders reduce the amount of harmful pests in your garden while doing little or no damage themselves.

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