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Landscape gardening themes – which is for you?

Landscape Gardening Themes

Landscape gardening themes – which is for you?


When you get landscape gardening in Richmond from Town and Country Gardens, we want to make sure that you are getting the most from your outdoor space. Creating a theme for your landscaping project can bring together the individual elements in a way that makes them greater than the sum of their parts.

Urban garden

Sometimes the theme is dictated by the space you have. Instead of feeling hampered by a small or rooftop space, you can use it to your advantage. For example, having a petite area sometimes means expanding upwards instead of outwards and can lead to really interesting wall features or tiered planting. You can even consider growing edible fruits and vegetables in pots so you can still enjoy one of the major benefits of a larger garden. We can advise you on watering systems, plant pot gardening and maximising your space when we do your landscape gardening in Richmond.

Formal versus cottage garden

There are lots of traditional styles of garden. Formal and cottage gardens are just two examples but they create different effects that demonstrate some of the things that landscape gardening in Richmond can achieve.

Formal gardens are full of lines, patterns and symmetry. They may include various sculptures or stonework with the rest of the garden arranged to highlight these features. Smooth transitions and defined spaces help to create a relaxed and understated feel in a formal garden although there is still plenty of space for creativity and colour.

Cottage gardens emphasis beauty and brightness with classic plants and arrangements. Herbs and flowers often create a riot of scent and interest. Although cottage gardens often look informal, there is usually an underlying structure that ties the look together and ensures that the right plants are arranged together to maximise the potential of your beds throughout the season.

Edible garden

Nothing tastes quite as good as fruit and vegetables from the garden but you may not want your entire space taken over with a vegetable patch or you may be reluctant to take on the extra work. A carefully planned and executed edible garden can be beautiful as well as practical and provide you with some treats without much input from you.