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Adding variety to your outdoor space

Garden Maintenance

Adding variety to your outdoor space


There are millions of plant types in the world. At Town and Country Gardens, we love to think about the different arrangements and plant species that we can suggest to our clients to create unique and enjoyable spaces.

When Town and Country Gardens offer you garden maintenance in Chiswick, we ask you questions about what you want and enjoy so that we can suggest different plant collections to suit you.

Herbs in your garden

Many herbs are quite prolific and easier to control if they are contained within pots. You can stack these pots into a shelving system in attractive ways to make a feature of your herbs. You can also sink pots most of the way into the ground so your herbs are integrated into your normal beds but still under control.

When Town and Country Gardens performs your garden maintenance in Chiswick, we can set up an area for herbs or give you ideas for novel display methods. It is great to have your herbs near the house so you can enjoy the various gorgeous smells. They are then within easy reach for picking and adding to your favourite dishes.

Cacti in your garden

Some people enjoy the idea of cacti because they are interesting and low maintenance. Others may be drawn to them because they have a particular type of soil in their garden. You may also wish to create a feature, such as a rockery, to house cacti and create different levels in your garden. Whatever the reason, Town and Country Gardens can give you advice on plant choice, care, and what to expect from your cacti when we do your garden maintenance in Chiswick.

Fruit in your garden

Getting sweet treats from your garden in the form of fruit is a joyful experience. It’s a great activity for kids too. Depending on the dimensions of your space, you might be able to have a tree or two or perhaps a thicket of raspberries or gooseberry bushes. There are miniature versions of a lot of fruit trees so a small space does not preclude the inclusion of fruiting plants. Town and Country Gardens can help you make the right choice for your garden and lifestyle needs.

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