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The landscape gardening process

Landscape Gardening Process

The landscape gardening process


When you start looking around for landscape gardening in Balham, you need to understand the process that you will go through with the firm you engage.

At Town and Country Gardens, we go through the whole process with you before you commit. You are aware of what will happen at every stage when we do your landscape gardening in Balham.


You may already have an idea about what you want your garden to look like or you may be starting from scratch with a feeling you want to have when you are out there. Whatever the situation, it’s worth looking online at sites like Pinterest or browsing magazines or books to find ideas. The more you can put together for the team from Town and Country Gardens, the better. This will help to give us insight into your thought process and means that the finished product is more likely to reflect your wishes.


This is the stage where you will collaborate with Town and Country Gardens to refine your vision for landscape gardening in Balham. We can suggest ways to achieve the things you want, give you a rough idea of timescales and costs and ensure that you are aware of any challenges such as disruptions or planning requirements.


Town and Country Gardens takes all of the information we have gathered and makes a more detailed plan with drawings, costings and a timetable. You will have a chance to review this and make minor adjustments before we go ahead. Even a small change to your space requires this level of detail to ensure you are getting what you want.


Some projects take a few days, others a few months or perhaps longer. We may need to take seasonal challenges into account if we are completing a long-term project for you. We can oversee the project and ensure that everything goes according to plan when it comes to sourcing and supplying materials or coordinating external contractors, if necessary.

Town and Country Gardens will keep you informed about everything that is going on. Any changes that need to be made will be done in consultation with you. We provide our services but the vision and the end result are yours.

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