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Hot garden debates for the cold months

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Hot garden debates for the cold months

At Town and Country Gardens, we love a good horticultural debate. Pondering the answers to life’s gardening questions keeps us passionate about our work and gives us something to ponder while we do some of your garden maintenance in Chiswick. We’re always pleased to hear new opinions on any topic.

Here are just two of the most fiercely contested topics. The gardening gloves are often off when it comes to talking these through!

Keep on raking – or not?

Justifying a minimalist approach when it comes to working in the garden has become something of a trend in recent years. It has caused people to rethink tasks that seemed essential not long ago. Raking leaves is one of these.

The arguments in favour of raking are that leaves can block the light to your lawn and cause damp or bald patches. It can also prevent you doing vital reseeding in preparation for spring. However, it can be a lot of work and, unless you have a huge leaf problem, it rarely creates the problems that most people fear.

When we offer you garden maintenance in Chiswick, we can either do the work for you or suggest a new approach like mowing crunchy leaves into small pieces to make them less likely to suffocate the lawn.

The digging debate

To dig or not to dig? This is a question that continues to plague gardeners. Some see it as a staple garden task and one that breaks up the soil, creates drainage and aerates. It can also be a good solution to a plague of weeds in a patch where they have been left to propagate wildly. Others see the soil layers as a complex ecosystem in themselves which, if left undisturbed, can create a perfect growing environment. Turning it upside down as a matter of routine every year may affect this delicate process.

At Town and Country Gardens, we’re a bit ‘on the garden fence’ for this one. When we’re offering you garden maintenance in Chiswick, we want out services to be as unique as you are. We can assess your space and offer you options as well as talk it through with you as much as you want to.

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