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Using colour to make a statement with landscape gardening in Balham

Landscape Gardening in Balham

Using colour to make a statement with landscape gardening in Balham


Leveraging the power of colour to create a new atmosphere in your outdoor space is just one of the skills Town and Country Gardens can offer you through our landscape gardening in Balham.

We can help you to choose a palette and promulgate it through the various layers of your garden to create a sensational look. You will be able to enjoy it as a personal place to relax or perhaps you would prefer to use it as the perfect setting for convivial social events. Either way, we look forward to showing you the potential of colour in your garden.

Choosing a mood

Everyone is different when it comes to their regard for colour. Some people want nothing more than to look out over a profusion of pastel while others prefer the impact of bold and bright colours. As well as being handy gardeners, we’re also great listeners and observers at Town and Country Gardens. When we offer you landscape gardening in Balham, we talk to you about your needs and look at what you already have in the garden, if applicable.

Think seasonally

It’s relatively easy to make the garden look colourful in spring or autumn. These are the seasons that are renowned for their colour displays. However, if you want a garden that has something to offer year-round then you need to take your planning to the next level. That’s where we can help.

Landscape gardening in Balham takes the seasons and the passage of time into account. Not only do Town and Country Gardens want you to be able to experience beauty in the depths of winter, we also want your garden to mature and improve with age. An investment in our landscape gardening service goes a long way.

It’s not just plants

Plants are just one way to add colour to the garden. When we plan your space, we will take into account fencing, features and patio or decking areas. These can be used to create large block of colour. Perhaps you can also consider something like mirrors to amplify the effect of other design features. When you combine these with the flora of your garden, there is the potential to create something artistic and inspirational.

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