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Hoe, hoe, hoe – a look at winter tool care

Garden Maintenance in Chiswick

Hoe, hoe, hoe – a look at winter tool care


In an ideal world, maybe every gardener would get a shiny new set of tools for Christmas each year. As that’s not what happens for most of us at Town and Country Gardens, we have put together a handy guide to caring for your tools overwinter.

Of course, we can take care of your garden maintenance in Chiswick for you, including tool care, but we find that many of our clients also like to get out and do some pottering around themselves.

Cleaning and storage

Regardless of the type of soil you have, leaving your tools dirty can subject them to moisture and acids, which leads to rot and rust. The first step is always a good clean, which starts with the hose or a stiff brush. get used to doing it at the end of every gardening session, and don’t forget to dry them and wipe over the metal with an oily rag.

If you’re bedding down your tools for the winter, either because all the work is done or you’ve asked Town and Country Gardens to take over your garden maintenance in Chiswick as the colder weather sets in, you need to remove any rust, either with a wire brush or if there’s lots, you can use an angle grinder. You need to oil the metal afterwards.

Wooden handles can benefit from coating with linseed oil, which prevents drying out and cracking. For best results, leave the handle to soak in the linseed oil for a few days. Some people recommend sanding the handle first. You can wrap them in old blankets afterwards to protect them from some of the frost.

What can we do?

Town and Country Gardens can take all of the work out of winter tool care by doing it for you. This can include power tools and mowers. We will clean it all, check flexes and grease moving parts. Everything will be stowed away and ready for use again come the spring.

We offer this alongside a range of other services when you use us for your garden maintenance in Chiswick. The winter months are a good time for jobs, such as thorough tool maintenance, that get neglected during the busy months.

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