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Extras for the garden

Garden water feature

Extras for the garden

If you are looking for added worth in your garden, you could consider some of the extras we can help you with at Town and Country Gardens. When you engage us for landscape gardening in Balham, we suggest features that will increase the practical, social or relaxation value of your garden.

Shed supply

A shed has many uses including a bolthole in case you ever need time to yourself! It gives you extra, outdoor storage space for your tools, gardening equipment, outdoor furniture or the kid’s bikes.

When you choose Town and Country Gardens for landscape gardening in Balham, we talk to you about all the details from dimensions to the material that your shed is made out of. There are many different kinds of wood and staining available to help your shed blend into your garden or stand out attractively, if you prefer. You can get plastic sheds that are easy to construct and maintain. You might want something a bit more comfortable with seats, windows or even a porch in some cases.

Water feature

Getting a water feature gives your garden the extra dimension you have been looking for. Not only does it add animation and attractiveness to your space, it can also host a thriving ecosystem of its own. There are beautiful water plants and flowers available.

Something like a waterfall or fountain creates a relaxing sound often used to cover unwanted noise such as traffic.

Town and Country Gardens use their experience to help you get the most out of your water feature. We can also give you advice on maintenance and safety once fitted.

Patios and decking

Think of your patios and decking as the staging area for your outdoor experiences. This is the spot where you can have great moments to yourself or entertain an entire party. Here, you can soak up the sun or create a space to be sheltered and watch the rain. Patios and decking can help to define the outdoor area that you have.

When you choose Town and Country Gardens for your landscape gardening in Balham, we help you match the wood and/or stone with the overall feel of your garden. We can add heating and furniture to give you the perfect setting to enjoy the outdoors.

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