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The benefits of using a garden designer

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The benefits of using a garden designer

If you want to make a significant investment in your garden and both increase the value of your home and provide yourself with hours and hours of pleasure,I suggest you consult an expert.

First of all,your new garden should reflect your personality and ideas becoming a natural extension of your home so that you create an attractive and comfortable outdoor space.

The real benefits of appointing a reputable and accomplished Landscape Designer are:

1.To discuss a realistic budget.Generally,the cost of your Garden Design will obviously depend on the size,nature and complexity of your garden.The price can range from £350 for a Consultation,design concept and rough sketch up to £1500 for a proper scale drawing with corresponding plant index.This is normally done on a drawing board but if you really wish to really visualise the garden,the designer can also produce 3D graphic images using autocad computer software which can cost more.

2.To gather original and innovative ideas which are tried and tested that inspire you.

3.The Landscape Designer will be equipped with the practical working knowledge of hard and soft landscaping methods and techniques so they can guide you through the design and build process.

4.This professional should possess an in depth universal knowledge of plants and know which ones are best suited to your garden in order to create the effect you desire.

5.The added benefit of using their established contacts in the industry in terms of obtaining good quality,reliable suppliers of building materials and plants at affordable rates.

6.Access to highly trained and reliable Landscape Contractors with professional associations and preferably,endorsed by the Landscape Institute.

7.If you select a Landscaping company with an in house Landscape Designer,you are effectively appointing a project manager as well, because they can coordinate and manage your garden project from start to-finish ensuring design specifications are adhered to.

8.Sign off work to exacting industry standards.

In conclusion,the successful implementation of any Garden Design depends on the critical relationship and collaboration between the said Garden Designer,you the client and the Landscaping company who carry out the work.

This article was written by Phil Skerritt who is the In-House Landscape Designer and Project Manager at Town and Country Gardens in London.Tel:02077367801 or contact Phil personally on his mobile:07860803692.

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