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Details about our services

Outside seating and water feature - gardening summer tips

Details about our services

There are so many aspects to gardening that it’s impossible to list them all. Every garden is unique and requires a different combination of tasks to keep it up to standard.

Town and Country Gardens are willing to take on any type of garden maintenance. In Wimbledon, where we are based, we have a fleet of vehicles and a dedicated team. We are a small company with a strong work ethic and can offer you a free, no-obligation quote. Some of our services are detailed below but the full list is extensive. It is best to talk to us and we will talk to you about how our skills can match your requirements.

Lawn maintenance

A well-maintained lawn can give you a feeling of serenity and pride, as well as a place to relax. It takes up a lot of time though, and getting the balance of hard work versus reward just right is tricky. We can help out with this when you engage Town and Country Gardens for your garden maintenance in Wimbledon.

We either take over the work you have already been doing or, if your lawn has seen better days, we take on the task of revitalisation.

Irrigation systems

Some gardening tasks need doing again and again. Watering is one of those if you want to have a lush and healthy looking garden or vegetables to be proud of.

Imagine if you could have an automated system that does the hard work while you relax and wait for the results. A custom irrigation system takes a lot of the work out. It can ensure that your plants are getting watered in a timely fashion and with exactly the right amount of water.

Something for the children

A garden is something the whole family can enjoy. If you want to keep the kids off the flower beds, however, you might want to consider putting something in there that is just for them. We can make a suggestion or two such as a sandpit or play station.

Once installed, Town and Country Gardens ensure that it stays well-maintained and safe with regular checks and repairs when required. This is part of the service we offer when you choose us for garden maintenance in Wimbledon.

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