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Landscaping in detail – what we can do

Peacock Place garden Sept'16

Landscaping in detail – what we can do

Contact us at Town and Country Gardens to get a free, no-obligation quote for landscape gardening in Richmond. We offer you a vision for your garden that meets your needs, whether you want something stunning, space that is more low-maintenance, raised beds or any one of the many options we can discuss with you.

Refining and highlighting details

Landscaping can mean focusing on small parts of your garden.

We can help the odd corner you don’t know what to do with blend in with your space or create and highlight a water feature. If you want us to undertake a smaller, detail-orientated project, we are happy to help. We ensure that any adjustments are sensitive to the look you already have and even enhance it.

Complete redesign

At the other end of the spectrum, we offer a complete redesign. Town and Country Gardens can put you in touch with a designer who helps you make a plan for landscape gardening in Richmond.

Once there is a vision in place, we give you a full schedule of works and a quote. We refine the details together and commence work when it suits you. Starting a project like this is an exciting time. We work in partnership with you to offer you an outdoor space that will give you pleasure for years to come.

The basics of our service

At Town and Country Gardens, we believe in ethics and transparency. This means you will always get a comprehensive quote from us, upfront, with no hidden extras. The plan will be detailed and can be adjusted once you have seen the proposal so that it suits your needs perfectly.

Once we get going, you’ll always know what we are doing, when we will be around and how long we expect jobs to take. As long as the weather is on our side, we keep to tight deadlines that you can trust. You will be informed of any delays as soon as possible and we’ll make sure that any rescheduling suits your lifestyle as much as possible. This is our service policy and we have a long history of happy customers who have enjoyed our landscape gardening in Richmond.

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