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Creating a tranquil retreat space in your garden

Landscape Gardening in Richmond

Creating a tranquil retreat space in your garden


Life can feel a bit like you are always rushing around and never getting anywhere. At Town and Country Gardens, we think your outdoor space should support your life and perhaps offer you respite from this feeling by giving you a place to just be.

With our landscape gardening in Richmond, we can create a plan for your garden that will achieve this kind of goal.

Sheltered space

You don’t have to give your entire garden over to your desire for some escape from the rigours of life. That might not even be practical if there are others in the household who have a say over its use.

When we offer you landscape gardening in Richmond, we can talk about ways to create a pocket of relaxation in your garden. This might involve woven fencing, a seating area or perhaps a raised deck surrounded by trellis and covered in beautiful trailing plants. The possibilities are numerous when it comes to portioning out your space.

Soothing sounds

A well-designed garden can be a multi-sensory experience for you. We can incorporate elements that appeal to the senses of sight, touch, smell and even taste and sound. Continuing on our relaxing theme, how about a garden that whispers with the gentle rustle of tall bamboo? Or the soft sound of wooden wind chimes reflecting the lively breeze? Even a water feature’s sound can be carefully modulated to fit in with the harmonious orchestra of your meditative garden.

At Town and Country Gardens, we look forward to being inspired by your requirements when we offer you landscape gardening in Richmond.

Zen garden

If you really want to go all out and replicate an actual Zen garden in your space then there are some really effective looks we can create for you through landscape gardening in Richmond.

A Zen garden is also known as a Japanese rock garden and it is a minimalist, dry approach. It is often highly stylised and used to elucidate philosophical concepts through the arrangement of its components. Common materials include sand, rocks, moss and various varieties of well-kept and shaped trees. We create something stunning for you and then the enlightenment is up to you.

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