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Your guide to decking


Your guide to decking

Town and Country Gardens can offer you extensive landscape gardening that focuses on more than what’s growing in your garden. With our services, you can experience your outdoor space in a different way. One of the projects we have completed for lots of happy customers is the installation of decking.

Once you start looking into it, there are many considerations to take into account when installing decking. This includes materials, location, durability, safety and, occasionally, planning permission. Town and Country Gardens can help you in all of these areas.

Your guide to decking

Planning permission

Sometimes, planning permission is required when you have decking. Especially if you have a listed home or one that is within a conservation area or National Park. There are also more technical reasons why you might need to check, such as if your deck will be within 20 metres of a motorway, more than 30 centimetres above ground or covers more than 50% of the garden area.

If you think your neighbour is likely to object to the work you want to have done, it is best to check with your Local Authority before starting, as a successful complaint at a later date can mean that you need to remove anything you have had done.

When you have landscape gardening with us, we can provide you with details of the plans for your garden so you can make any applications that you need to. If refinements are required to your decking plan in order to go ahead, we will happily go through these with you until we have the perfect proposal for your space.


Our landscape gardening is popular because of the comprehensive packages we offer. We install decking that is safe, well built, and sealed. We can advise you on different materials and maintenance to keep it that way.

Depending on the material you have selected, your decking may require regular maintenance to keep it safe and attractive, such as sanding and resealing. If you do not want to do this yourself, we can arrange to contact you when maintenance is due so our team can come and do it for you.

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