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Garden tasks in the different seasons

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Garden tasks in the different seasons

At Town and Country Gardens, we find it hard to pick a favourite season. Each one has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor enjoyment. Even the quieter, winter months offer an opportunity to get on with plenty of garden tasks you cannot get to in any other season.

When you choose us for your garden maintenance, we can make a year round garden maintenance plan with you for your garden, so that we support you at every stage.


Spring is when things really start to pick up in the garden. By mid-May, the whole sprouting and growing process will be in evidence all over your plot. This is when the lawn starts to need regular attention again.

In early spring, most of your vegetables and plants need sowing indoors or under cover outdoors. A few weeks later, it’s planting out time.

At Town and Country Gardens, the garden maintenance packages we offer include all the major spring jobs. We can schedule regular visits to your home so you do not need to worry about repeat bookings.


Many flowers will be in full bloom by this point. You will need to do regular watering. If this isn’t a task you enjoy, you can talk to Town and Country gardens about watering systems that will take the hard work out of it. These can be discreet and fitted with timers that will start watering at appropriate times automatically.


Autumn is a time for harvest. Many of our customers enjoy wandering around picking the fruit and vegetables in the gardens we help to create with garden maintenance. Even if you do not choose to have an edible garden, you can appreciate the changes that plants go through at this time of year. While you do, Town and Country Gardens can take care of the raking, taking cuttings, and setting things up for winter.


It may seem like there is a lot less to do in winter once your garden is packed away. However, this is a great time to think about building projects, thorough cleaning of your equipment and reshaping your garden. Town and Country Gardens helps you plan and execute your vision.

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