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Why you should never ask your builder to build your garden!

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Why you should never ask your builder to build your garden!

I was asked this week to visit a client and have a look at some decking that they were having a problem with. The deck itself was rising and falling, like a benign ocean wave, across the garden and it took about 5 seconds to realise that it had been laid incorrectly. The product was a composite deck and has a 25 year warranty but only if laid in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. The result-it needs to be lifted, disposed of and completely rebuilt. Ouch.

Unfortunately I see this every year in clients’ gardens and have to deliver the news that there are often no quick fixes to poor construction other than re-building from scratch. In the vast majority of cases the culprits are building companies. Now I am not out to malign the building trade but then I don’t pretend to know how to build houses and I’m not about to start. However, we at Town and Country Gardens do know how to build gardens, correctly and to a very high standard. As members of the Association of Professional Landscapers, we are inspected to ensure that we only provide the highest standards of service which is why we are also members of TrustMark, the Governments endorsed standards body.

So if your builder undercuts your landscaper, stop to think why. What is the likelihood that your builder will do a better job than the landscaper (who after all is trained to do the job). We build gardens to be proud of, that last, that give our clients pleasure for years. I won’t try and build your house, so don’t let your builder build your garden.

For a reliable professional look no further: landscaper.org.uk  or trustmark.org.uk.

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