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Linking your kitchen and garden

Linking your Kitchen and Garden

Linking your kitchen and garden

Enhancing the connection and linking your kitchen and garden can offer a boost to your quality of life. The experience of adding fresh food and herbs to cooking is something that many people dream of. However, we all lead busy lives and it can be tough to find the time to put in the required effort.

When you use Town and Country Gardens for your garden maintenance in and around Wimbledon, we take most of the work out of creating a prolific garden so you only need to enjoy picking and eating the finished product. We can also offer you the option of having our team set up your garden and undertake some of the bigger tasks ongoing,while leaving you with enough to do to feel like you are engaged in the process.


A greenhouse can significantly increase the length of your growing season and help to protect young seedlings from pests. This can take the form of a traditional glass house if you have the room but you can also consider free standing, smaller structures made from plastic.

Vegetable garden tasks

Aside from planting and picking, two of the biggest tasks when you maintain a vegetable patch are weeding and watering. Town and Country Gardens can give you the advice you need to stay on top of these two tasks when we offer you garden maintenance in Wimbledon.

If you want to take the work out of the process entirely, we can advise on watering systems that you can leave on a timer so that the job is always done. Some systems can even monitor the moisture in the soil so that your garden is only watered when it needs to be.

Town and Country Gardens can also advise on mulching systems to prevent the proliferation of weeds.


A good composting system is a great way for your kitchen to give back to the garden as well as an environmentally conscious way to dispose of your food waste. Town and Country Gardens can advise on types of compost bin, capacity, care of compost, and use of the final product for your garden maintenance in Wimbledon. Once it is set up, a composting system is easy to use.

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