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Multidirectional landscape gardening

Multidirectional Landscape Gardening in Richmond

Multidirectional landscape gardening

One of the benefits that Town and Country Gardens can offer you, when we do your multidirectional landscape gardening, is a view of your outdoor space that you might not have considered before. It’s easy to get caught in old thought patterns around what is possible in your garden. We hope to inspire you and expand your horizons.

When you have landscape gardening in Richmond with Town and Country Gardens, we are happy to start with your ideas or provide some for you to choose from. We take on any size of project and, even if you have a small space or want to concentrate on a small area initially, you might be surprised as what you can achieve.

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Build up

Adding height to your garden can really expand its potential and draw the eye in pleasing ways. This might take the form of, for example, a rockery. This area can also contain interesting plants or follow a certain theme.

You may also be tempted to add structures and dividers, such as lengths of trellis, when you have landscape gardening in Richmond. This might also include areas of decking. Town and Country Gardens will plan your project with you and can offer guidance on anything that might require planning permission.

Dig down

Sometimes, an awkwardly shaped or sloping garden can benefit from terracing to create level areas. Town and Country Gardens can offer advice on this solution for your garden.

Another way to dig down and create something is to install a water feature. This might be a simple pond that becomes a haven for wildlife and can accommodate some beautiful plants. You could also add a waterfall or fountain.

High flying

Particularly if you are working with a small space, there might be potential for hanging features in your garden. This can include floating plant pots or vertical planting. You can also make good use of overhead trellis to support beautiful climbers or even some varieties of vegetable.

Town and Country Gardens believe that every project is unique and we look forward to bringing out the best in your outdoor space.

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