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What’s a she-shed and can you have one?

Landscape Gardening in Balham

What’s a she-shed and can you have one?

At Town and Country Gardens, we love it when a new gardening term enters the dictionary – especially if it means new ideas for landscape gardening. When we started to hear the term ‘she-shed’ we had to investigate to find out more for you.

So what is it?

It turns out that a she-shed perfectly fits in with the ethos behind our landscape gardening. It’s a beautiful garden-building designed to add a new dimension to your life. It is supposed to suit the kind of pursuits, decorating styles and practicalities that are more often associated with women. We know plenty of men that wouldn’t mind an hour or two in a comfy, light-filled garden space as well but, she-shed is the popular term so we’re using it for now.

What are they used for?

Often, the purpose of a she-shed is to have a place of retreat in the garden. It’s a halfway house between the home and the outside. It can be very comfortable and stylish and will often have a terrace for sitting outside, when the weather allows. It can be a social space to take friends to for a gossip and a gin or two or a completely private haven away from the children and the cares of life. You might also choose to incorporate some storage so that the practical potential of having a space outside the house is realised as well.

How do they look?

She-sheds are as individual as the people who commission them. At Town and Country Gardens, we work with you so that we understand your personal style and wishes before starting on your project. We can present you with a design for final tweaks and then get creating.

Popular features include:

  • Floor to ceiling glass windows for letting in maximum light,
  • Using soft or pastel coloured woods for construction,
  • Making the she-shed weatherproof and warm for cosy curling up,
  • Full furnishings and decorations for comfort.

So the answer to the original question is… yes. If any or all of the above appeal to you then you can have a she-shed. Town and Country Gardens can help make the dream a reality with our landscape gardening in Balham.

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