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The benefits of using a professional designer

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The benefits of using a professional designer

To some, the thought of using a designer may seem like an expensive luxury however there are significant advantages to using a qualified professional designer who can create the garden that lives up to all your expectations and your lifestyle.


As you can imagine there is an enormous range of materials, products and plants to choose from.  A good designer will be able to lead you through the best options to complement your dream garden and your budget. Their experience will allow you to expand the horizons of what is possible and offer a range of ideas that best use the available space and where best to spend your investment efficiently.

From concept through to a final masterplan a professional designer will be able to walk you through each stage of the process ironing out any potential issues before a single stone is laid. 

Planning consent can be a major factor in London especially within when working in conservation areas or listed buildings. A good designer will be able to reduce the stress in navigating these constraints whilst still finding the best route to your dream garden.


It’s important not to forget that your designer will also be more than happy to oversee the hard and soft landscapers involved in your creation which will ensure that the entire project is as un-disruptive as possible.


Beautifully designed and properly built gardens are not inexpensive however property with well-designed gardens can provide a significant increase in the value of a home which will not fail to be appreciated by prospective buyers.

Carefully planning a garden is never money or time poorly spent or as Benjamin Franklin said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.


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