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It’s nearly time for your next building project

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It’s nearly time for your next building project

New Year’s resolutions are already a distant memory and it’s that in-between time of year when it’s not quite clear what there is to be done in the garden. At Town and Country Gardens, we think it’s the perfect time to make a commitment that you can really stick to – your landscape Gardening projects. When the weather is a bit uncertain, it’s time to plan. That way, you are ready to take advantage of the brighter weather as soon as it appears.

With our landscape gardening services, we can get involved now to help create plans, source materials and give you advice on any planning applications that might need to be made.

Landscape gardening in Richmond isn’t just about plants and flowers, it’s also about creating structures that work with your outdoor space, look beautiful and it can meet a few practical needs as well.

Here are some examples of the kinds of landscape gardening projects that we can help with when we do your landscape gardening in Richmond:

  • Garden sheds – maybe your old garden shed has taken a bit of a battering over the winter. Or maybe you need a bigger space. Perhaps it’s your first time considering outdoor storage space because you are planning to be more active in the garden this year. Whatever you want to achieve, Town and Country Gardens can help;
  • Decking – let’s face it, even when the weather improves, there’s still a chance of a bit of rain. Decking in the garden can give you a great place to soak up the sun, when it’s around. However, you can also use decking to cover areas that quickly become soggy during rainy periods so that area of the garden is still usable, whatever the weather. It can also be covered so you have the opportunity to be outside but protected from showers;
  • Sculpture or water features – adding something beautiful and decorative to your garden takes it to the next level. This is something you can achieve with landscape gardening. We look at the lines, shapes and colours in your garden and help you find the perfect pieces or an installation to change your perception of your outdoor space for good.
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