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Making your garden green

Garden Maintenance in Chiswick

Making your garden green


You want to see your garden flourish and garden maintenance can give it a new lease of life. How much better would it feel when sipping a glass of wine in your newly spruced up back yard to know that the wider environment was also taken care of in the process?

Good garden maintenance is about having green fingers in more ways than one. It comes naturally to a gardener to recycle – reusing old materials and composting decaying matter to create new life is part of Nature’s cycle. At Town and Country Gardens, we pride ourselves on our environmental credentials. We have a series of measures in place to help make sure that we harm the world around us as little as possible when caring for your garden.

Recycle and regrow

On site, we recycle as much of the waste as we can. The green waste we send for composting, and we reuse landscaping materials, such as brickwork and stone, if possible. We supply you with low cost composting bins, so you can keep up the good work after we’ve gone, and we offer advice and information on how to make the most of your compost. To keep soil in good condition, it needs regular applications of organic material. How much easier to have it on hand and for free!

We keep chemical use to a minimum and use natural methods of pest control wherever possible. We also recycle and regrow plants as much as we can.

Behind the scenes

In terms of our supplies and back office, we use sustainable products where we can – this includes buying our timber from sustainable sources only and using biodegradable oils in our saws. We recycle all of our office paper and keep paper use to a minimum. All our plastic bags are recycled and when we replace our vans, we look for the low emission option.

Can we do more?

Is there something we are missing? Are there other sustainable practices we could adopt? If you have any ideas for making your garden green, do give us a call or send an email and let us know. We are always looking for more ways to make garden maintenance greener.

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