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Gardening Tips for Summer

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Gardening Tips for Summer

Gardening is a year-round hobby, each season bringing with it different tasks. After the busy springtime sowing and planting sessions, summer is time to focus on maintenance and enjoying your outdoor space. These gardening tips for summer will ensure you get the most out of your garden during the summer months.


With long hours of sunshine and soaring temperatures, providing your garden with enough water is vital if you want it to thrive. Aim to water your garden each morning to keep your garden well hydrated throughout the day. If this is not possible, wait until just before dusk – watering at the hottest part of the day isn’t recommended as the water evaporates too quickly. It can also cause plants to be scorched. 

When you water, ensure the soil around the base of each plant is drenched. Plants are at their bushiest in the summer and leaves can cover the ground, so you may need to carefully lift foliage to provide plants with the fluid they need.


Keeping your lawn looking at its best is the key to having a picture-perfect garden all summer long. Late springtime or early in the summer season is the best time to give your lawn specialist treatments for weeds and mosses or to sow new seeds to fill in any areas that have become patchy through wear and tear. Remember, your lawn will also need watering during dry spells to keep it green and lush as high temperatures and dehydration causes grass to turn straggly and straw-like.

As tempting as it can be to cut the grass short in the summer for neatness (and to extend the length of time between mows), leaving your grass longer is the best way to keep it healthy. Initiatives such as ‘No Mow May’ have their roots in providing a suitable environment for insects but are also great for keeping your lawn healthy. When you are ready to cut your lawn, make sure the blades on your mower are sharp for a crisp, clean cut and aim to leave the grass around three inches high. Any shorter can leave your lawn susceptible to heat damage. A longer cut will help your lawn become established by encouraging healthy root development. As a bonus, longer grass also reduces weed germination!

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Decking and Containers

You will want to enjoy time in your garden over the summer, so be sure your decking is in good order. Replace rotten wood panels and take time to apply treatments and varnishes to keep your deck looking its best. 

If you are a fan of container gardening, be aware you will need to water your pots more than plants that are placed directly in the ground. This is because the soil dries more quickly. Small containers need watering more frequently than large containers. Placing potted plants in a water tray can be beneficial.

Holiday Preparation

If you are going on holiday this summer, be sure your garden will be watered while you are away. Ask family, friends, or neighbours to look after your garden for you so plants will be healthy on your return or, if this isn’t an option, using a water tray is a good short-term solution. For longer periods away from home, a drip irrigation system works wonders. These easy-to-install systems are available at hardware stores and garden centres and can offer reassurance that your plants are getting the hydration you need in your absence. 

Preparation is key when it comes to gardening, so start your summer maintenance now. Follow these gardening tips for summer and you won’t regret the time taken to maintain it when your garden is providing you with many happy hours in the sun.

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