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Autumn gardening tips

Allsop place garden - autumn gardening tips

Autumn gardening tips

Autumn has arrived

Traditionally the 1st September heralds the arrival of Autumn. In reality, the weather tends to still be pretty mild and we often enjoy an ‘Indian Summer’, a few weeks of sunny days with slightly chilly evenings. It’s time to prepare for winter with our Autumn gardening tips.

Here at Town and Country Gardens though, the 1st of September sets off the starting gun for one of the busier periods of the gardening year. We have just a few weeks to get the gardens prepared for winter and this doesn’t just mean cleaning up the autumn leaf fall! Autumn is a time to think about Spring as we plant bulbs that will give the early flowering colour next year. It’s also a good time to re-think beds of perennials that have become unruly as the soil temperatures stay high so any planting has time to settle in before the colder winter period.

So if you like our autumn gardening tips and would like some help getting your garden into shape, call our capable gardening team. If you’d really like a new start, speak to Alex, our landscaping manager who can arrange to transform your space into something truly magical.

If you want to choose from the finest range of garden services, call Town and Country Gardens on 0207 736 7801.

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