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Looking forward to spring – planning over winter

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Looking forward to spring – planning over winter


By all means put your feet up over winter and take a break from the rigorous gardening of autumn. However, you don’t need to disconnect entirely from your garden. There are still things that you can do to ensure you are prepared for an amazing year in the garden. It’s a great time of year for planning and, at Town and Country Gardens, we want to offer you some of our enthusiasm for landscape gardening in Balham that can transform you garden in the coming year.

Focus on the vegetable garden

Year-round fresh produce is the goal of many gardeners. Careful planning and access to the skills of the team at Town and Country Gardens can help you to achieve this through landscape gardening in Balham. Sometimes, it is a matter of taking advantage of shade and hotspots in the garden. It may require a new structure such as a greenhouse. Often, having clever storage or processing facilities is the key. Whatever is standing in the way of you and your family enjoying tasty garden treats every month of the year, Town and Country Gardens can help you get past it.

Building projects

When you’re playing around in your imagination, you may be able to envision all sorts of potential for building projects in your outdoors space. Do you often wonder how to make them a reality?

With landscape gardening in Balham from Town and Country Gardens, your ideas might be closer to reality than you think. Even if you know that it will involve seemingly complex tasks, like gaining planning permission, we can help. Winter is the perfect time to be looking at the drawing board, organising any paperwork and ordering materials so we can start as soon as the weather improves.

Major changes

If you want some dramatic shifts in your garden, winter is often the best season to do this. Plants are easier to move when they are dormant, many shrubs and trees benefit from cutting back at this time and there is usually simply more time to get into projects that are above and beyond normal maintenance.

Discuss your ideas with Town and Country Gardens – we can help you realise the potential of your garden.

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